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Frequently Asked Questions concerning Distance Learning

The amount of time needed does vary from student to student and from course to course, but as a very rough guide we recommend that you will need to set aside about 18 hours per week for each subject.
It is vital that you have regular internet access throughout your course as this will help you to benefit from the resources available at ACFE's Virtual Learning Environment (VLE). The VLE will be available to you 24 hours/day at any time, from anywhere.
Our online courses use blended learning which uses a mixture of written materials,quizzes,forums,emails as well as Audio-video learning materials
There is no difference between the qualification you receive on a Distance Learning course and the equivalent qualification which you might study for on campus.
No, certificates do not have the mode of study on them. The certificate that you receive will be exactly the same as those received by all campus-based students.
The student can take advantage of additional (dedicated one to one tutor) support which are available on request at mutually agreed times to talk through and discuss specific issues. This comes at no extra charge.
The course materials have been designed to help students improve their skills as well as their knowledge. You are not expected to be an expert in your chosen field of study but you are expected to apply yourself to your reading, note taking and assignments. The most important requirements are motivation and commitment as well as a willingness to learn new skills. Once you become a student, you will be able to find information about the study support available on our virtual learning environment (VLE).
We understand that choosing to study a distance learning programme is an important decision and we would like to be able to provide you with as much information as we can to assist you. Please contact us via email at or use the "contact us" on your top-right for further information.

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